Catalogue selection help

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No real action is taken here. This is only a demonstration.

If you have set All catalogues on the previous page you will just see the data. If not, you should see something similar to that displayed below. Each selected component is listed with full identification followed by names of catalogues which contain data for the component and the type chosen.

All available data for the star:

HD:   4              BD: +29 5059         CD:                 
CPD:                 SAO:                 AGK3/CPC: +30 3       
CCDM: 00052+3020 A   ADS: 47              BDS:                 
HIC:  423            HIP:                 IDS: 00000N2946 A
GCVS:                WDS: 00052+3020 A   
All available data
All available data

To see data from a catalogue just press the corresponding button.

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