Selection of components and catalogues

in two easy steps.

No real action is taken here. This is only a demonstration.
  1. If you have succesfully sent an identifier and there is some data for that object in the database, you will see general information about the star system the object belongs to and full identification (all idents registered in our database) of all components of the system in the form presented below:

    Cross identifications of the components:
    mark the component A
    HD:   4              BD: +29 5059         CD:                 
    CPD:                 SAO:                 AGK3/CPC: +30 3       
    CCDM: 00052+3020 A   ADS: 47              BDS:                 
    HIC:  423            HIP:                 IDS: 00000N2946 A    
    GCVS:                WDS: 00052+3020 A   

    mark the component B
    HD:                  BD:                  CD:                 
    CPD:                 SAO:                 AGK3/CPC: +30 4       
    CCDM: 00052+3020 B   ADS: 47              BDS:                 
    HIC:  426            HIP:                 IDS: 00000N2946 B
    GCVS:                WDS: 00052+3020 B   

    You have to mark at least one component to get any data. Just look carefully at the identifiers and mark stars you are interested in by clicking on the proper buttons.

  2. Next you have to choose one or more data classes from the list displayed below. The first class covers all the data. If you have chosen it marking any other class is superfluous.

    Choose the type of the data you want to see:

    1. All available data
    2. Astrometric data
    3. Eclipsing binaries data
    4. Photometric data
    5. Spectral type data
    6. Charts and curves
    Ask me for the catalogue choice later.
    All catalogues.

    Choose all data types you want pushing corresponding buttons. If you are sure you want all data at once you can change default setting Ask me for the catalogue choice later to All catalogues clicking the button. Finally, press the submit button.

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